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Caitlin & Mat Four years… Caitlin & Mat’s love story began almost four years ago, on December 10th, 2016. She was skeptical of meeting someone from a dating app, but Mat was just so dang cute she couldn’t refuse. They met at 3 Daughters Brewery for an incredible date that changed history. A love for […]

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Alison & Joe Find a man more in love with his fiance than Joe. Do it. I dare you. Yep, it’s pretty much impossible because Joe takes the cake on this one. From the way, he speaks to her, he attends to her and puts her needs first. You can tell that this man is […]

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Maddie & Paul Sixteen. I have known Maddie since she was sixteen. A sophomore, in a high school youth group called YoungLife. I was 19, and it was the first year that I had become a Young Life leader. Over the years, I have kept tabs on Maddie. I’ve watched her grow and succeed in […]

Downtown Tampa Engagement Session Photos

Chad and Desiree are the epitome of a #DamDuo because not only are they a perfect pair, but they also are better individuals because they are together.

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Your wedding day is naturally one of the best days of your life. It consists of all of the little (and big) things that represent you as a couple, a day for all of your friends and loved ones to enjoy and one that you’ll remember forever.

5 Reasons to Hire A Wedding Planner

Annalou + Luis She dreamed of this day for so long. It was a lifetime in the making. A choice between two people who were filled with an immeasurable love for each other.  She was different… Luis knew from the moment he saw Annalou that she was different. She is sweet as pie and has […]

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Lindsay & Nick She was singing on stage and He…   He was anxiously waiting for the perfectly timed moment. The moment he had coordinated and planned for since the day he met her. His palms were sweaty, as he kept nervously checking to make sure the ring was still in his pocket. The music […]

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  Have you ever had a great idea that everyone was super excited about, but then life got in the way and you never got around to it? Yeah, this blog series was kinda like that. Whoops. Better late than never?! I think so. Day Two begins early, I mean really early… So Day 2 […]

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Lauren & Brandon His hands were clenched by his sides… There was a visible look of anticipation on his face as he waited for the moment when he would see his Bride for the first time. She walked through the tropical arch and saw the back of his broad shoulders. This was their moment. The […]

Tropical Chic Wedding Chloe Dam Photography

Annalou & Luis   I might be overly excited about tonights blog…   You know that feeling when you are walking out to your car in the parking lot and step on something. You lean down and pick up a piece of paper, and that piece of paper happens to be a winning lottery ticket? […]

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