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5 Reasons to Hire A Wedding Planner

December 30, 2019

5 Reasons Why Every Bride Needs a Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is naturally one of the best days of your life. It consists of all of the little (and big) things that represent you as a couple, a day for all of your friends and loved ones to enjoy and one that you’ll remember forever. There are so many aspects that you need to focus on in order to bring it all together though, which is why this can be such a stressful period for brides too.

Hiring a wedding planner can make this joyful time a little easier on your nerves. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional planner:  

1. You’ve never done this before

Chances are you and your fiancé haven’t planned a wedding before. Even if you have, there are always new and exciting trends, venues, and vendors popping up so it’s never the same. Some brides feel that they can plan their own weddings because they’ve helped a sister or a best friend plan theirs but planning your own wedding is completely different. A professional wedding planner is the best person to guide you through this intricate process. They know the in’s and outs of the wedding industry and can often get you the best prices on wedding-related purchases or rentals! 

2. The stress is getting to you

Planning a wedding is harder than it looks and if you’re already losing sleep over your massive to-do list, hiring a wedding planner can really make the entire process much more manageable and enjoyable for you. You should be excited about your big day, not stressed and tearful. 

3. You’re unsure about the costs involved

If you’re in the process of putting a budget together and would like some more guidance on what to expect based on your unique preferences, a wedding planner can be your guide. A professional wedding planner can offer you great insights on industry norms and trends and what you can expect. They can also really help you stick to your budget.

4. You need a push start

A wedding planner can help you get the ball rolling so that you can start making all the important decisions. They’ll help bring your vision together and put you in touch with vendors and suppliers who can help bring your day to life. Wedding planners work with so many different types of vendors and they can help guide you to the best people – and keep you away from the nightmare vendors too!

5. Your bridal party and your family will thank you

It seems like a strange thing to read, but to anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid or groomsmen, you know there is a certain amount of “grunt work” when it comes to being involved in a wedding. In many circumstances where the Bride and Groom choose to forgo a wedding planner, the bulk of the wedding decorations and clean up falls to the family members before and after the wedding. One of the best parts about hiring a wedding planner is having peace of mind knowing that your planner will do all the behind-the-scenes work and your friends and family can just relax and enjoy your big day.

Best Planners in the Biz

As a wedding photographer, I work with some of the best wedding planners in the business. I see which planners go above and beyond and I provide unique insight that Google and The Knot can’t. So as an added bonus – if you’ve read this far! – I have compiled a list of the best planners in the biz!

If you are an engaged couple, RUN don’t WALK and reach out to these planners ASAP because they are highly sought after! (and for good reason!)

I’ve worked with Angelina countless times and she really is the best you can get! Her attention to detail and her eye for design is truly incredible. Every wedding she has done is truly a work of art. Side note: She really is as sweet as she looks too! @theapostolicwife

Taylor’s work really speaks for itself. She is so creative and excels at making your vision for your wedding day come to fruition. @taylorfalconevents

If you want a real and honest, (pardon my french) bada$$ wedding planner, Kimberly is your gal. She is hilarious and a fellow dog-mom who really knows how to throw a fantastic wedding. @kimberlyhensleyevents

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