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    The bride gives a squeeze on her fathers arm as they get ready to turn the corner and head down the aisle. Her face is enveloped with a beautiful long veil. They make their entrance into the aisle as their family members rise and greet them with smiles. The bride and her father […]

For Brides

  This is one of the hardest decisions that a bride will make about her wedding day because it will absolutely change how the rest of the day goes. In my humble opinion, I am all for First Looks for many reasons, and it may not be what you think.   A First Look is […]

For Brides

Elizabeth & David The Dilemma 6am, the alarm clock rings. I turn over and immediately check the weather. Rain. Rain. and more Rain. This is the part of the story where MOST photographers call their client and say “so sorry, we need to reschedule.” BUT this wasn’t a normal engagement session and I am certainly […]


Lauren & Brandon Do you ever get that moment when you just meet someone and you glance down at your watch and you’ve already spent an hour talking to them and didn’t even realize it? It feels like you have been friends with them forever? This is the feeling I had when talking with Lauren […]


When Subrina Harvey reached out to me about some surprise family photos for her mother, I couldn’t resist! I mean who doesn’t love a good surprise?! She had it all planned out as a birthday surprise and when I say planned I mean she dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. The entire Harvey clan (all 21 […]


Day 1 (the real day 1, not the day where we spent the entire day in a plane) So we finally made it. Paris, France you are quite a beaut. Since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with Paris (and when I say obsessed I mean OBSESSED). I had a mini Eiffel […]


  YALL! I am so excited to reveal the big secret! Anchor Studios is getting a new name and it happens to be mine! ChloĆ© Dam Photography will be our new name, and along with a new name comes a brand new website ! I have been working so hard to create a brand […]