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Romantic Tropical Engagement Session | St. Petersburg, FL

September 22, 2018

Lauren & Brandon

Do you ever get that moment when you just meet someone and you glance down at your watch and you’ve already spent an hour talking to them and didn’t even realize it? It feels like you have been friends with them forever? This is the feeling I had when talking with Lauren + Brandon about everything from proposal stories and wedding plans, to our obsession with Bachelor in Paradise (the whole Tia + Colton thing? I mean c’mon everyone knew he would be the next Bachelor!)

The Weather

Planning their engagement session turned out to be a bit challenging because HELLO! we live in Florida and in case you didn’t know our weather has a mind of its own. Pouring down rain one moment, sunshine the next. At one point Lauren + I were texting everyday thinking “Okay today will be the day that it doesn’t rain”, and then 20 mins later “Yep, let’s try again tomorrow”.

Having all that said, we FINALLY got beautiful weather for their romantic tropical engagement session and I was alllll for it! These photos came out absolutely breathtaking and I am so glad we were patient with the weather!

The Love

From the very beginning of this session, I knew it would be one for the books. Lauren + Brandon absolutely crushed the game. Their outfit choices were on point, and the location really gave it the tropical vibe we were hoping for! These two really made my job easy because their connection was SO evident. Just watching these two interact for 2 minutes and you realize how much love they have for each other, AND how smitten Brandon is with Lauren. You can tell by the way he looks at her, and how big her smile is when they catch each others eye. Capturing love is one of the biggest privileges I have as a wedding photographer, and oh man Lauren + Brandon’s love really shines.


Lauren + Brandon, I am so thankful that you guys decided to do engagement photos (even though you originally thought you might not have needed them 😉), because it makes me just that more excited for your wedding in February! You will have the most beautiful marriage and I can’t wait to be a part of your big day!





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